March 24, 2014


It was all a dream….

She used to read Word up magazine. A very short reference to the late great Notorious BIG to kick of the start of the very first Dream Tresses blog. It’s true that the concept of this entire website, brand and lifestyle all began from a small dream. I’m Aaisha Knights, the founder and CEO of this luxury hair brand and I will share a small part of my world with you through this blog.

It seems pretty surreal to me  that we have reached this point at this very moment as I am typing this post just before 1:00 am before I head to sleep. This entire website has taken me two months to build from scratch; mind you I started as a novice with  no idea how to build websites! It has been quite a journey where I have learned so much about myself and my own limits of patience and resilience. I can’t believe that it’s finally up!

So let me tell you more about the brand and why on earth I have put myself through hard work and sleepless nights to make this all happen. One simple word that is actually quite complex. Passion. My complete passion and love for all things hair related and in particular the transformation that can be achieved with the use of  hair extensions and weaves is what I find most exciting. I have always been “that girl” that would change my hairdo like the weather. This is long before it was cool to wear braids one day and a wig the next. For over a decade, I have rocked a multitude of hairstyles from short crop to bright blond afro curls. I’ve endured the initial sneering and lack of understanding about why divas such as myself use hair as simply a fashion accessory to enhance my look. Some people still can’t grasp the idea of looking like a different person every four weeks or so or why anyone would bother to do it.

The beauty dear readers is in the transformation. The makeover effect. The fantasy that I can be prim and proper one week, then extroverted and flamboyant the next. The passion is in the creation of brilliant memories of glamour. You see ladies (and gents and undecided) your hair is your crown and glory. I simply want you to wear it well. Oh and in case you weren’t aware, Weaveology is a Science.

Photo credit: Matt McQuillan – photographer

Model: Gayle Ngoze

Hair in photo: Dream Tresses Mongolian Kinky Straight